About Us

About Devatri Wellness

In today’s era we have observed that people are getting more health related issues considered mainly with food, wellness and lifestyle. They are primarily getting such issues due to processed food, impure and chemical infused ingredients in foods. We instinctively trust the old philosophy of ancient India that Health Is Wealth and it starts with the healthy food and lifestyle behaviours we accept in our life. Indian heritage is blessed with all Natural & Ayurvedic sources of food and wellness that can transform our body from inside-out, keeping the same in mind Devatri Wellness has emerged as a one-stop-solution for all your Foods & Wellness aspects. With our expertise we are offering these products with vivid combination of newest technology with ancient methodswhich helps to restore products nutritious value that brings the end product as 100% pure, healthy & natural to improvise your healthy goals of lifestyle. As we source our products directly from farmers who are growing raw material by natural methods without the use of chemical fertilizers.

Our Vision

Devatri Wellness aims to develop itself in the global market by creating a complete, justifiable business which inspires and endorses the advance use of Natural & Ayurveda practices of India and keeping the true wellness and respect for Mother Nature and Mankind.

Our Mission

Devatri Wellness ensures that everyone should deserve to have pure, natural and chemical-free food. So, we try to develop and deliver all the pure & natural things for the health & harmony of mankind.

Our Values

We believe in serving to entire community with total integrity and quality. Our purpose is to keep giving back to society and mother nature without any compromise on our true nature.

Our Commitment

To support the livelihood and well-being of farmers, keepers and people from rural India who put their 100% efforts day & night to keep the food & wellness cycle moving.

Devatri’s Kind Plans

“It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal”

Devatri Wellness aims to take the steps towards cleaner, eco-friendly and sustainable lives for Mankind, but also keeping the equal care and social responsibility towards the suffering homeless animals. Devatri has its in-house Devashraya Hospital dedicatedly operating for the well-being of homeless, abandoned, injured and stray animals and birds. We believe they deserve an equal protection, So Devashraya Hospital and Shelter is providing a safe space for healing and happiness to the suffering and helpless animals and birds. Devatri has taken an oath and devotedly giving its part of profit in upkeep of amenities and further development at sheltered animals. We keep the animals and birds until they are recovered, after which they are rehomed or rehabilitated. “Look into the eyes of an animal You will not see an animal. You will see a living being. You will see a friend. You will feel a Soul.” Buy our products & become part of the Devatri’s compassion towards animals today!!
Devatri promotes empathy and compassion for all the animals and birds at Devashreya (Shelter & Hospital) through following works:

Fresh Foods

Fresh & Natural Foods prepared & given daily to animals & birds.

24/7 Medical Care & Treatment

Devashraya has 24×7 emergency service for animals & birds.

Clean Shelter

We make sure that our shelter always remains in hygienic & neat.

Training & Behavior

We offer behavioral assessments of animals and training classes to make them more adoptable to the public.

Special Care-Takers

A dedicated team of Caring & Compassionate people who give unconditional love to them.

Adoption & Rehabilitation

We try that animal should be rehomed with loving families and if needed extended care then keep them for rehabilitation.

Know Our Process

Our Process from Start to Finish

Meet Our Heroes

If you eat today, Thank a farmer!

Farmers are the pillars of Devatri Wellness. We take a gratification in training them, many of farmers hails from disregarded groups, including women, widows, elders and uneducated. We take the pledge to continue giving them educational opportunities, making them more self-sufficient, and skilled so it should be passed on to future generations. When farmers succeed, their villages also prosper, leading to a collective enhancement of the quality of life.

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