“It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal”

Devatri Wellness aims to take the steps towards cleaner, eco-friendly and sustainable lives for Mankind, but also keeping the equal care and social responsibility towards the suffering homeless animals. Devatri has its in-house Devashraya Hospital dedicatedly operating for the well-being of homeless, abandoned, injured and stray animals and birds. We believe they deserve an equal protection, So DevashrayaHospital and Shelter is providing a safe space for healing and happiness to the suffering and helpless animals and birds.

Devatri has taken an oath and devotedly giving its part of profit in upkeep of amenities and further development at sheltered animals. We keep the animals and birds until they are recovered, after which they are rehomed or rehabilitated.

“Look into the eyes of an animal You will not see an animal. You will see a living being. You will see a friend. You will feel a Soul.”

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