Devatri Cold Pressed Sesame Oil - 250 ml

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Description :

Devatri Cold Pressed Edible Oils are traditional in nature ethically reliable and healthy to use on regular basis. They are high in nourishment with delightful taste and a lovely aroma. Our all-Edible Oils are unrefined and 100% natural, as they are free from chemicals, heat-process and preservations. The seeds and sources of our Cold Pressed Oils are grown in the fields that are free from pesticides and chemicals and are grown using Natural fertilizer only. Oils are prepared by Cold-Pressed process known as “Lakdi-Ghana” method (machine) by keeping a moderate temperature which helps in maintaining its nutrient value. In Ancient Ayurveda it is highly preferred to use Lakdi-Ghana Oil as it is full of monosaturated fatty acids.

Devatri Cold Pressed Sesame Oil (Til Oil) is full of vitamins & minerals, zinc, magnesium, calcium etc. It helps to lower the bad cholesterol in blood. It is also ideal for ayurvedic practice of Oil Pulling.

Why Devatri Cold Pressed Sesame Oil :

Unique Taste-Devatri Cold Pressed Sesame Oil has a unique nutty taste and essence which enhances the taste of every cooked dish.
100% Cold Pressed–There is no heat applied to ensure that sensitive fats remains to their original state.
Purely Natural – Devatri Wellness Sesame Oil is 100% Natural, chemical free and thick in consistency.

Benefits of Devatri Cold Pressed Sesame Oil :

Helps in lowering bad cholesterol from the body.
It strengthen the bones.
Enables detoxification of body.
Anti-inflammatory properties help in joints pain.
As it contains amino acids it helps in stimulate the mood.

Country of origin : India
Name of MFG / Importer / Brand : Devatri Wellness Pvt. Ltd.
Address of MFG / Importer /Brand : Devatri Wellness Pvt. Ltd., Khasra No - 79/8, Badoli, Haryana - 121102 India

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